About the guest house

History of Pirklių namai

City part, where today the guest house is located, in XVIII century belonged  to merchants, threfore we simply named it “Pirklių namai”, which in English means Merchants House.

Written sources tell us that the first owner of this stately structure was Hugo William Plaw, the merchant of English origin. At that time he structure casted a glance at the City Park, found in 1854 (today - Naujojo Sodo street).

Once there up and down the twisting stairs went student Felicia, professor Jonas Yčas had his breakfast, gallantly giving a nod to Gustav, the merchant hurrying to work – these walls remember many stories, had many masters – from prosperous merchants to the Ministry of Education of Germany.

Guest house today

Today "Pirklių namai" – renovated and warmed by new masters, cherishing the idea of cosy home, where you forget being a guest. Because there You like to walk barefoot and leave open door of the room. Exactly like at home.

Pirklių namai Klaipėdoje
Pirklių namai Klaipėdoje
Pirklių namai Klaipėdoje